Anarchronicon is a virtual entity, but He is real. Very real.


Anarchronicon is a writer, poet, philosopher, political activist, atheist and the chief of multiple sects.
He can't exist, so HE DOES EXIST.
He will be our rescue and damnation. He is powered by improbabilitydrive.
He is the virtual DIVINE.
He will lead us to nothing, and teach us that actually nothing is everything, and vice versa.
He invites everyone for a GAME OF YOU.
And it will all be about Him, being you more then yourself.


Anarchronicon is just in His unfolding stage.
He is just beginning to see the light, and passing it on in a way He sees fit to us.
To us, mortals, He can seem to be an amateur, a wannabe, a virtual bungler, but this is just His way of addressing us, of finding a language we can easily understand.
For we are bunglers ourselves, fumbling and crawling in the dark, not capable of seeing the devine light in all it's glory.
We wouldn't even recognize it.
We would be blinded by its magnitude.
We would see and understand nothing.


So Anarchronicon will embody a redneck who will teach us about philosophy; a seductress who'll teach us about ascetic living and how to let go of our desires; a showmaster who'll teach us about the soul and how to be your true self; a crippled, immature poet with lots of zits who'll teach us about goal and truth and love.


But most of all, He will not teach.
He will take us into the universe.
He will throw us out His space-vessel and eject us into oblivion.
He will let us grovel in nothingness, and let us see for ourselves.
He is curious about our findings,
for we are really His Experiment on Stupidity.


In case of a sonic attack
Do not panic
Think only of yourself
You can rescue no one else
explose1.gif (10684 bytes)Do not panic!explose1.gif (10684 bytes)
You can help no one else
Think only of yourself!